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<br /> India's ancient tradition of ayurveda says the leaves of the Moringa tree prevent 300 diseases. Here is a video clip from my travels to Rwanda helping Gardens for Health International, where they use Bilha leaves in their Glowing Green Smoothie&reg;. There are 2 grams of protein in every cup of fresh Bilha leaves. What's left after the oil has been extracted from the seeds is called seed cake, which is used as feed to increase milk production in cows.
<br /> : When adding moringa powder to smoothies, soups and other foods to boost their nutrition, in&iacute;cio with a small amount. Moringue Tree grows throughout the developing world and has already been used by programs to reduce child malnutrition in India.
<br /> Fresh Bilha Oleifera leaves were collected in Senegal , which is a organico habitat for the plant. Although slightly overshadowed by M. oleifera in economic value, the next closely related species, M. peregrina, shares many of the same important properties including antimicrobial action and seeds capable of wastewater treatment.
<br /> High-density populations of M. aeruginosa (chlorophyll-a concentrations of ~270 &micro;g L-1) were reduced to very low levels within 2 weeks of exposure to =80-mg crushed seeds per liter. Dried bilha leaves are also ground to create a long-lasting powder, or potent extracts are taken from the leaves to be used in the formation of concentrated c&acirc;ntaro capsule supplements.
<br /> The seeds, pods, flowers, are leaves are used as food, while the bark, roots, stems, and the rest of the tree are used for making tools or as folk medicine. Information about the nutritive value of moringue leaves and seed cake in pig feeding is scarce. Research studies have demonstrated that the immunosuppressive action of&nbsp;drumstick seeds helps in ameliorating the production of antibodies to allow new organs and transplanted material to settle safely in the body.
<br /> Get rid of those sugary energy drinks and sodas for good by adding bilha powder to a shake, or just mix with water in the morning. Bilha oleifera is a tree, also known as the drumstick tree, that is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, as well as through Central and South America and throughout Africa.
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